You Won

Are you ready to earn twice as much?

R2X is an investor friendly project that will be the start of a good series. The listing price will be set to be twice the presale price.

Every day a Buyback will be made with half of the BNB in the marketing. Twice Earn & Buyback & Marketing it's all there.

We didnt want to make any documents or whitepapers because our aim is not to defraud you, but to make you win. 100% of the funds raised after the Pinksale will be spent on the project.

  • Token Symbol : R2X
  • Token Address: 0x6FC7De01448C9164fAe176F8cdE9AFFb434BeFf1
  • Buy/Sell Tax: 5%
  • 50% LP - 25% Buyback - 25% Team
  • Total Supply: 100.000.000 R2X
  • Presale: 72.000.000 R2X
  • Liquidity: 17.992.800 R2X
  • Airdrop: 1.000.000 R2X
  • Burn: 7.567.200 R2X

Who are the project owner?

This project was made by the Madox Team, whose names you will hear a lot in the coming years. We will ensure that investors make the best exit from our projects.


Working Team

You can communicate with our colleagues and team members here.

Know that you are in the best project in space.

48411559 Total Supply
45 Buyback (BNB)
51588411 Burn
90 Holders

Shill Event

Positive post comment the Twitter post. Shill the project in other groups on telegram. Participate in voting on the designated site.



🏆 Total for Airdrop: 1.000.000 $R2X Prize Pool

🥳For 1000 Random Winners.

✅ Please do the required tasks to be eligible to get airdrop tokens.

❇️ Airdrop will end on 31 OCT and distribution starts from 31 OCT.

Good Luck...